TESOL Certificate Requirements

The certificate program consists of 6 required courses: 

  1. LING 50:  Introduction to Linguistics (offered every quarter, including summer session; offered by the Linguistics Department)

  2. APLX 101:  Second Language Acquisition (prerequisite: APLX 80 or LING 50) (offered every winter quarter)

  3. APLX 113:  Intercultural Communication (prerequisite: restricted to juniors and seniors) (offered every two years)

  4. APLX 135:  Second Language Teaching (prerequisite: restricted to juniors and seniors and by permission of instructor) (offered every spring)

  5. APLX 136:  Second Language Assessment (prerequisite: APLX 135) (offered every two years)

  6. APLX 138:  English Grammar for TESOL (offered every year)

If you are interested in this program, please contact the Applied Linguistics undergraduate major faculty director (dpmiller@ucsc.edu) for an appointment.