Placement guidelines for Chinese

Fall Quarter 2021

Any students who have taken Chinese language courses before (in high school, community college or elsewhere) or if they speak Chinese as a heritage language will have to take the Chinese placement exam before enrolling in a Chinese language course.

Please fill out the following form ( and submit if you wish to take the Chinese placement exam.

  • Exam Date: Monday, September 20th (Fill out the sign-up form by the end of September 19th)
  • Exam Date: Tuesday, September 21st (Fill out the sign-up form by the end of September 20th)  
  • Exam Time: All Day (Exam is available to take all day, but there is a 90-minute time limit once you start.)
  • Location: Canvas
  • You will be contacted with the results of your placement and/or instructions for a follow-up interview 48 hours after you finished the exam.
  • After September 21, the placement exam will be available to take every Monday until the end of October. 
Who does not need to take a placement exam?

Students who have no prior knowledge of Chinese language can simply enroll in Chinese 1 (only offered in the Fall quarter).

Students who have successfully completed a Chinese language course at UCSC can advance to the next level without taking a placement exam again.

Please understand that many classes fill up very quickly; placement results do not guarantee you a spot in the class.