Spanish Studies Minor

The minor requires completion of six quarters of Spanish language study (Spanish 1-6 or SPHS 4-6), or demonstration of an equivalent level of ability, and the following courses:

LING 50* (Introduction to Linguistics)
LIT 189A (De la conquista a Sor Juana) or LIT 189B (El Siglo XIX en America Latina: cultura, política y sociedad)
SPAN 105
(Introduction to Spanish Studies)
SPAN 114 (Advance Conversation and Composition) or SPHS 115 (El ensayo lectura, analisis y redaccion)
SPAN 150* (Introduction to Spanish Linguistics)

One upper-division elective course in Spanish language (Span 140-142, 151-155, 156A-Z, 157) or Spanish literature (LIT 188-189).

*LING 50 is a prerequisite for Spanish 150.

There is no senior exit requirement for the minor.


Please contact for questions and declaration process. A current academic plan, signed by your major adviser is required for declaration.


How can I turn my Spanish Studies minor into a major?

The major consists of a total of 45 upper-division credits. For a student to complete the SPST major, in addition to the courses listed above, which are required to complete the minor, a student must take:


  1. One lower-division requirement:
History 11A, Latin America: Colonial Period or History 11B, Latin America: National Period or History 12, Introduction to Latino American History.
  1. Three upper-division courses:

Choose one Concentration: Language and Linguistics or Literature and Culture track. And take 3 courses in that concentration, 15 credits in total.

  1. Capstone Requirement: SPAN 151, 152, 153, 154, or 155 (Language and Linguistics) or SPAN 190A (Literature and Culture)


Please see the Degree Requirements for the Spanish Studies major here