There are two tracks in the Spanish section of the Language Department: Spanish as a second language, and Spanish for Heritage Speakers.

1. Spanish as a second language offers the following lower division courses:

First year (Elementary)
  • Spanish 1
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3

Second year (Intermediate)

  • Spanish 4
  • Spanish 5 and Spanish 5M (5M is required for declared Human Biology Majors)
  • Spanish 6

2. Spanish for Heritage Speakers offers the following lower division courses:

  • SpHS 4 (Fall Quarter only)
  • SpHS 5 (Winter Quarter only)
  • SpHS 6 (Spring Quarter only)

These courses are offered in sequence. They are thematic courses and are offered once a year only.

3. The following are Spanish and SpHS upper-division courses. They may be taken by students from either track who have met the prerequisite by completing courses or by taking the online Spanish Placement Exam.

Third year (Advanced)

  • Spanish 114, Advanced Conversation and Composition
  • Spanish 156A, Hispanic Culture Through Film
  • Spanish 156E, Spanish Culture
  • Spanish 156F, Humor in the Spanish Speaking World
  • Spanish 156J, Contemporary Central America
  • Spanish 156M, Mexico and the Southwest
  • SpHS 115, El ensayo lectura, analisis y redaccion

Some of these courses are offered every year. Check the schedule of classes for more information.