Placement guidelines for Spanish

Taking the Spanish Placement Assessment

Prior to taking the Spanish placement assessment, all students must enroll in the Canvas Placement Module.

After enrolling in the Canvas Placement Module, take the online Spanish placement assessment. You will need to provide your name, student ID, and email address. Please enter this information carefully. If you need to log back into the test, this information will be required and must be entered exactly as it was entered the first time.

Who needs to take the assessment?

All students looking to enroll in Spanish courses, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience, must take the placement assessment, even to enroll in SPAN 1.

About the Assessment

The exam measures the level of the student's grammatical knowledge of the language. The major portion of each section has a multiple option format, but there are other testing sections as well, such as paragraphs to fill in and questions to answer in writing.

The time the placement assessment takes each student to complete depends on his or her level of ability in the language. The exam can be self-administered at any time, and you have three days to complete it.

The exam indicates the probable level where you will place, but you will not be able to register in a course until after the results are forwarded by a faculty member to the Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics and recorded in the Canvas Placement Module. This generally takes 3-4 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

If you were raised in a Spanish speaking environment, have lived in a Spanish speaking country for an extended period of time (more than three years), and speak the language with some members of your family and friends, please take a few minutes to read the information about our special track of courses titled SPHS (Spanish for heritage speakers).
Information on SpHS courses
Placement questionnaire


In case you think you have been wrongly placed, either too low or too high, or have questions about the placement assessment, please email