Degree Requirements

Spanish Studies Degree Requirements

There are a total of 45 upper-division credits required for the Spanish studies major. See Program Major Requirements below for a breakdown of the credit requirements.

Lower Division Requirement

  • Six courses in the regular track Spanish 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; or three courses in the Spanish for Heritage Speakers (SpHS) track, SpHS 4, 5, 6; or equivalent proficiency;
  • History 11A, Latin America: Colonial Period or History 11B, Latin America: National Period or History 12, Introduction to Latino American History;
  • Linguistics 50, Introduction to Linguistics.

Upper Division Requirement

Four required Spanish studies core courses (20 credits total):

  • Literature:  LIT 189A, De la conquista a Sor Juana; or LIT 189B, El Siglo XIXX en America, Latina:cultura, politica y sociedad (5 credits)
  • Spanish Studies:  Literature 189C/Span 105*, Introducción a Spanish Studies (cross-listed course) (5 credits)
  • Linguistics:  Spanish 150*, Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (5 credits)
  • Spanish Language: Spanish 114, Advanced Conversation and Composition or SpHS 115, El ensayo lectura, analisis y redaccion (5 credits)

*Spanish Literature 189C/Spanish 105 and Spanish 150 must be taken prior to enrollment in or in conjunction with concentration courses.

Choice of Concentrations (choose one concentration—3 courses, 15 credits total)

Language and Linguistics Track (three courses): Five-credit Spanish language courses numbered 100-189, Spanish 199 and Languages 199 (except Literature 189C/Spanish 105, Spanish 114, Spanish 150 and Spanish for Heritage Speakers 115) are accepted with the permission of the Spanish studies director (or faculty adviser).

  • Spanish 140, Sounds of Spanish
  • Spanish 141, Advanced Grammar
  • Spanish 142, El mundo de las palabras: Spanish Morphology and Lexicon
  • Spanish 151, Topics In Hispanic Linguistics: Varieties of Spanish
  • Spanish 152, Topics In Hispanic Linguistics: Spanish in the U.S.
  • Spanish 153, Topics In Hispanic Linguistics: Spanish as a Second Language
  • Spanish 154, Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: Spanish Pragmatics
  • Spanish 155, Topics in Hispanic Linguistics: El mundo de las palabras: Spanish Morophology and Lexicography
  • Spanish 156A, The Language of Latin American Cinema
  • Spanish 156B, The New Latin American Song
  • Spanish 156C, Latin American Women’s Voices
  • Spanish 156E, Spanish Culture
  • Spanish 156F, Humor in the Spanish Speaking World
  • Spanish 156J, Central American Cultures
  • Spanish 156K, Spanish Discourse Analysis
  • Spanish 156M, Mexico and the Southwest

Literature and Culture Track (three courses): Any 5-credit Spanish literature course numbered 188-189 (except Literature 189C); see below for examples:

  • Literature 188A, Literatura medieval
  • Literature 188B, Literatura peninsular: de los orígenes al siglo XVIII
  • Literature 188C, La autobiografía en el renacimiento español
  • Literature 188D, Introducción al Siglo de Oro
  • Literature 188E, Teatro del Siglo de Oro español
  • Literature 188F, Cuentos del Siglo de Oro español
  • Literature 188G, Literaturea y vida en Don Quijote y otros textos cervantinos
  • Literature 188I, La novela picaresca
  • Literature 188K, García Lorca y la Generación del 98
  • Literature 188L, Literatura de la guerra civil española
  • Literature 188M, Literatura peninsular: siglos XIX y XX
  • Literature 188N, Poesía de la diáspora española
  • Literature 188R, Humanidades Ambientales
  • Literature 188Z, Literatura de España
  • Literature 189A, De la conquista a Sor Juana (only counts as concentration if not used as core)
  • Literature 189B, El Siglo XIX en America Latina: cultura, política y sociedad (only counts as concentration if not used as core)
  • Literature 189F, Literaturas Latinas en los Estados Unidos: en inglés, español y Spanglish
  • Literature 189J, El documental social: historias, teorías, prácticas
  • Literature 189K, El ensayo latinoamericano
  • Literature 189L, Poesía latinoamericana
  • Literature 189M, Prosa contemporánea hispanoamericana
  • Literature 189N, Latinoamericano Testimonio
  • Literature 189P, Las mujeres en la literatura latinoamericana
  • Literature 189Q, Ficción y marginalidad
  • Literature 189S, La cultura popular en la narrativa latinoamericana
  • Literature 189W, Literaturas del caribe hispanohablante
  • Literature 189Y, Literatura afro-latinoamericana
  • Literature 190X, Temas de la literatura y cultura españolas y latinoamericanas

Electives (one upper-division course, 5 credits total): Choose from related 5-credit courses in Anthropology, Education, Feminist Studies, History, History of Art and Visual Culture, Latin American and Latino Studies, Linguistics, Sociology (see approved upper-division elective courses for Spanish Studies on our website:, or any upper-division Spanish Literature, Spanish, or language concentration courses not taken for concentration credit or capstone requirement.

Capstone Requirement

The following courses will satisfy the capstone requirement for Language and Linguistics track: Spanish 151 or Spanish 152 or Spanish 153 or Spanish 154 or Spanish 155.  For Literature and Culture track: Spanish 190A. The courses will be offered spring quarter only and are restricted to students with senior standing, please plan accordingly.  The courses listed above cannot be used for both capstone and concentration; one or the other only; no duplication.

Disciplinary Communication (DC) Requirement

The Disciplinary Communication general education requirement (DC requirement) is satisfied by successfully completing Spanish 114 or SpHS 115 and must be completed at UCSC.