Study Abroad

It is strongly recommended that Spanish Studies majors spend time in residence in Spanish speaking countries through the University of California Education Abroad Program (EAP). There are presently several EAP short and long-term programs in Spanish speaking countries: Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina and Chile. In addition, several UC campuses have short-term, immersion programs (including summer quarters) in other places such as Mendoza (Argentina) and Peru (UC Davis), and Cádiz (UC San Diego). One of the most popular EAP destinations has been Spain, which ranked only second to Great Britain in number of students for several years. In addition, there are at present some efforts to open UC Santa Cruz summer programs in other Spanish speaking regions. 

Important: Only very exceptionally a senior year abroad will be approved and this will be done only when all the language proficiency requirements have been satisfied, including the entrance requirement, and when the remaining required courses for the major can be satisfactorily completed abroad.

Students who participate in UC EAP programs may petition to apply a maximum of 5 courses (up to 25 upper-division credits) from the courses taken abroad for the Spanish Studies major. Petitions will be reviewed and authorized by the director of the Spanish Studies program or a designated advisor.

It should be noted that transfer students will find it practically impossible to include a year-long Education Abroad Program before completion of the graduation requirements within normative time.

Learn more details about studying abroad by visiting the International Education Office (IEO).