Faculty Publications

Zsuzsanna Abrams
Using Film to Provide a Context for Teaching L2 Pragmatics. System, 46, 55-64 (2014)

Say what?! L2 sociopragmatic competence in CMC:  skill transfer and development. The CALICO Journal, 30, 3, 423-445 (2013)

Computer-Mediated Communication and Second Language Use. Invited submission for The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. C. Chapelle (Ed.) (2013) 

Mark Amengual
Acoustic correlates of the Spanish tap-trill contrast: Heritage and L2 Spanish speakers. Heritage Language Journal, 13(2) (2016)​ 

Cross-linguistic influence in the bilingual mental lexicon: evidence of cognate effects in the phonetic production and processing of a vowel contrast. Frontiers in Psychology7: 617 (2016)

Perceptions of standard and nonstandard language varieties: the influence of ethnicity and heritage language experience. Gutiérrez, M.E, and Amengual, M. Heritage Language Journal 13(1), 55-79 (2016)

The perception and production of language-specific mid-vowel contrasts: shifting the focus to the bilingual individual in early language input conditions. International Journal of Bilingualism20(2), 133-152 (2016)

The perception of language-specific phonetic categories does not guarantee accurate phonological representations in the lexicon of early bilinguals. Applied Psycholinguistics.1-31 (2015)

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Mariko Bohn
Meiji & Taisho Young Japanese Women's Linguistics and Social Behaviors. Berlin: Lambert Academic Publishing (2015)

Pedagogical Perspectives on Gendered Speech Styles in the Teaching and Learning of Japanese as a Foreign Language, Applied Language Learning 25 (1&2): 41-70 (2015)

Bryan Donaldson
Aspects of interrogative use in near-native French: Form, function, and register. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 6(4), 467-503 (2016)

Preverbal subjects, information structure, and object clitic position in Old Occitan. Journal of Linguistics, 52(1), 37-69 (2016)

Discourse functions of subject left dislocation in Old Occitan. Journal of Historical Pragmatics, 16(2), 159-186 (2015)

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Stephanie Lain
Content-based instruction understood in terms of connectionism and constructivismL2 Journal, 8(1), 18-31 (2016)

Donald Miller
The challenge of constructing a reliable word list: An exploratory corpus-based analysis of lexical variability in introductory Psychology textbooks. In V. Cortes & and E. Csomay (eds.), Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics: Studies in Honor of Doug Biber (pp. 123–146). Herndon, VA: John Benjamins (2015)

Evaluating reliability in quantitative vocabulary studies: The influence of corpus design and composition.  International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20(1), 30-54. Miller, D. & Biber, D. (2015)

Shigeko Okamoto
The Social Life of the Japanese Language: Cultural Discourse and Situated Practice, Cambridge University Press. Shigeko Okamoto and Janet Shibamoto Smith (2016)

Variability and multiplicity in the meanings of stereotypical gendered speech in Japanese.  East Asian Pragmatics 1(1)/inaugural issue: 5-37 (2016)

The Use of ‘Regional’ and ‘Standard’ Variants in Japanese Conversations: Dialects as Reified Linguistic Systems in Usage-Based Approaches to Japanese Grammar, ed. by Tsuyoshi Ono and Kaori Kabata. John Benjamins, 279-304 (2014)

Rethinking Linguistic Norms for Japanese Women.  In Culture, Language, and Education: Beyond the “Standard” in Japanese and Japanese Language Education. Sato Shinji and Neriko Doer (eds).  Multilingual Matters, 82-105 (2014)

Variability in Societal Norm for Japanese Women’s Speech: Implications for Linguistic Politeness. Multilingua 32(2): 203-223 (2013)

Alvaro Romero
A critical edition of Halma by Benito Pérez Galdós (2016)

Eve Zyzik
Subject expression in L2 Spanish: Convergence of generative and usage-based perspectives? Second Language Research. Published OnlineFirst, July 29, 2016.

El español y la lingüística aplicada. Georgetown University Press. Blake, R. and Zyzik, E. (2016)

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Expressing causation in Spanish: A functional analysis of heritage speakers' written production. Heritage Language Journal, 11(1), 76-9 (2014)

Functional approaches to second language Spanish. In K. Geeslin (Ed.), The Handbook of Spanish second language acquisition. Wiley Blackwell (2014)