Faculty Publications

Zsuzsanna Abrams

Abrams, Zs. I. (2019). The effects of integrated writing on linguistic complexity in L2 writing and task-complexity. System (forthcoming)

Abrams, Zs. I. (2019).  Collaborative writing and text quality in Google Docs. Language Learning & Technology Online, 23(2), forthcoming

Abrams, Zs. (2018). “Interpersonal Communication in Intracultural CMC and Assessment” in Arnold, N., & L. Ducate, (Eds.) Present and Future Promises of CALL: From Theory and Research to New Directions in Language Teaching. (pp. TBD). CALICO Monograph Series 5 (3rd Edition)

Abrams, Zs. I. & Berhtold, S. S. (2017).  Using Authentic Materials to Teach German as a Pluricentric Language. Die Unterrichtspraxis, 50(2), 136-150

Mark Amengual

Amengual, M. (2018). Asymmetrical interlingual influence in the production of Spanish and English laterals as a result of competing activation in bilingual language processing. Journal of Phonetics, 69, 12-28

Mulík, S., Carrasco-Ortíz, H., and Amengual, M. (2018). Phonological activation of L1 (Spanish) and L2 (English) when learning L3 (Slovak) novel words. International Journal of Bilingualism

Amengual, M. (2017). Type of early bilingualism and its effect on the acoustic realization of allophonic variants: early sequential and simultaneous bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism

Amengual, M. (2016). Cross-linguistic influence in the bilingual mental lexicon: evidence of cognate effects in the phonetic production and processing of a vowel contrast. Frontiers in Psychology (Language Sciences): Research Topic on Phonology in the bilingual and bidialectal lexicon, 7:617

Mariko Bohn

Meiji & Taisho Young Japanese Women's Linguistics and Social Behaviors. Berlin: Lambert Academic Publishing (2015)

Pedagogical Perspectives on Gendered Speech Styles in the Teaching and Learning of Japanese as a Foreign Language, Applied Language Learning 25 (1&2): 41-70 (2015)

Bryan Donaldson

Donaldson, B. (2018). Diachronie de la négation phrastique en français: Apports d’une approche socio-historique [Diachrony of sentential negation in French: Contributions of a socio-historical approach]. Canadian Journal of Linguistics / Revue canadienne de Linguistique, 63(2), 221-241

Gudmestad, A., Edmonds, A., Donaldson, B., & Carmichael, K. (2018). On the role of the present indicative in variable future-time reference in Hexagonal French. Canadian Journal of Linguistics / Revue canadienne de linguistique, 63(1), 42-69

Destruel, E., & Donaldson, B. (2017). On the L2 acquisition of pragmatic inferences: Evidence from the French c'est-cleft. Applied Psycholinguistics, 38(3), 703-732

Donaldson, B. (2017). Negation in near-native French: Variation and sociolinguistic competence. Language Learning, 67(1), 141-170

Stephen Fafulas

Fafulas, S., Díaz-Campos, M., & Gradoville, M. (2018). Stable Variation or Change in Progress? A Sociolinguistic Analysis of PA(RA) in the Spanish of Venezuela. In J. King & S. Sessarego (Eds.), Language Variation and Contact-Induced Change: Spanish across Space and Time (pp. 223–245). Amsterdam: John Benjamins

Perry, J., Kotlarek, K., Mendez, L., Holt, Y., Fafulas, S., & Broadwell, K. (2018). Nasometric Comparison Between Spanish-English Bilingual and English Monolingual Children. The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal

Méndez, L., Perry, J., Holt, Y., Bian, H., & Fafulas, S. (2018). Same or different: Narrative retells in bilingual Latino kindergarten children. Bilingual Research Journal41(2), 150-166

Henriksen, N., & Fafulas, S. (2017). Prosodic timing and language contact: Spanish and Yagua in Amazonian Peru. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics10(2), 225–257

Stephanie Lain

Content-based instruction understood in terms of connectionism and constructivism. L2 Journal, 8(1), 18-31 (2016)

Acoustic [voice] correlate variation by dialect: Data from Venezuelan Spanish. In S. Calamai, C. Celata & L. Ciucci (Eds.), Sociophonetics, at the Crossroads of Speech Variation, Processing and Communication. Pisa, December 14th-15th, 2010. Pisa: Edizioni della Normale (2012)

Force of articulation and [voice] in VCV coarticulation: Data from two dialects of Venezuelan Spanish. In M. Embarki & C. Dodane (Eds.), La Coarticulation: Des indices à la représentation. L’Harmattan, Collection Langue et Parole (2011)

Acoustic correlates of [voice]: Data from two dialects of Venezuelan Spanish. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing (2010)

Donald Miller

Miller, D. (in press). Analyzing Frequency Lists. In S. Gries & M. Paquot (eds.), The Practical Handbook of Corpus Linguistics. New York, NY: Springer

Miller, D. (in progress). Reliability in specialized academic word lists: Beyond coverage-based post-hoc analyses

Miller, D. (in progress). Lexical resources of Generation 1.5 academic writers: An analysis of lexical diversity, sophistication, and challenges

The challenge of constructing a reliable word list: An exploratory corpus-based analysis of lexical variability in introductory Psychology textbooks. In V. Cortes & and E. Csomay (eds.), Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics: Studies in Honor of Doug Biber (pp. 123–146). Herndon, VA: John Benjamins (2015)

Shigeko Okamoto

Okamoto, Shigeko. Japanese language, gender, and sexuality (2018).  In Y. Hasegawa (ed.), The Cambridge  Handbook of Japanese Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 678-697

Okamoto, Shigeko (2018). Metapragramatic discourse in self-help books on Japanese women’s speech: An indexical approaches to social meanings.  In M. Endo Hudson, Y. Matsumoto, and J. Mori (eds.), Pragmatics of Japanese: Perspectives on Grammar, Interaction, and Culture. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, pp. 245-266

Okamoto, Shigeko and Janet S. Shibamoto Smith (2016). The Social Life of the Japanese Language: Cultural Discourses and Situated Practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Okamoto, Shigeko (2016). Variability and multiplicity in the meanings of stereotypical gendered speech in Japanese.  East Asian Pragmatics 1(1), inaugural issue: 5-37

Eve Zyzik

Zyzik, E. (2018). Adquisición y enseñanza del español. In J. Muñoz-Basols, E. Gironzetti, and M. Lacorte (Eds.). Routledge Handbook of Spanish Language Teaching. Routledge

Zyzik, E., and Marqués Pascual (2018). Practice with idioms: Can it promote the incidental learning of grammar? In C. Jones (Ed.) Practice in Second Language Learning. Cambridge University Press

Zyzik, E., and Polio, C. (2017). Authentic materials myths: Applying second language research to classroom teaching. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press

Blake, R., and Zyzik, E. (2016). El español y la lingüística aplicada. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press