UCSC Bilingualism Research Laboratory

October 20, 2018

The UCSC Bilingualism Research Laboratory facilitates research focused on the linguistic, social, and cognitive consequences of knowing more than one language.  We are interested in how the bilingual language experience, language learning history, language dominance, proficiency levels, and cognitive factors affect the production, perception, and processing of both languages of the bilingual/multilingual individual. The laboratory provides research opportunities to faculty, undergraduate, and graduate students interested in exploring patterns of cross-language interaction in early simultaneous bilinguals, early sequential bilinguals, and second language learners at different levels of proficiency. 

For more information visit http://markamengual.weebly.com/ucsc-bilingualism-research-lab.html

If you are interested in getting involved in the lab please contact Mark Amengual at amengual [AT] ucsc [DOT] edu