Of Current Interest

Special recognition to language students Sam Knobel and Sophie Caplan, recipients of the 2018 Achim Perner award, and to Alexander Belyea and Natalie Ng, recipients of the Peter Rushton Memorial Award.

Congratulations to Spanish Studies major, Rosa Sanchez, who was awarded a 2018 Koret Scholorship for her project titled Youth Identity Formation Amongst Indigenous Oaxaqueños.

Of interest: "The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students" (Washington Post)

Department Highlight

No text providedUCSC Bilingualism Research Laboratory

The UCSC Bilingualism Research Laboratory facilitates research focused on the linguistic, social, and cognitive consequences of knowing more than one language.  We are interested in how the bilingual language experience, language learning history, language dominance, proficiency levels, and cognitive factors affect the production, perception, and processing of both languages of the bilingual/multilingual individual. Continue»