Summer 2019 Faculty-Led Study in Italy

February 20, 2019


Join Tonia Prencipe in a
faculty-led study of
accelerated Italian, on
the Amalfi Coast at the
Sant'Anna Institute in
Sorrento, Italy.


Arrival: June 30, 2019
End: August 3, 2019


Learn Italian while exploring the beautiful town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. The program will be hosted by Sant'Anna Institute, where you will take accelerated Italian, completing one year of university level Italian in five weeks. This fast pace will allow you to acquire a rapid mastery of grammar and syntax, providing basic knowledge of Italian structure in one summer session. We will explore the local community and practice Italian in the cafes, farmer markets, and vibrant streets of Sorrento.  We will also travel to the famous ruins of Pompeii, visit the beautiful island of Capri, learn to make gelato, and try to master Mediterranean cooking.

The experience to study in Italy with a UC Santa Cruz faculty member is unique. Compared to classroom learning only, studying in Italy will facilitate your ability to learn the language while giving you the opportunity to experience Italian without distractions and lapses in language use. Living in the country offers you the chance to continually test your language comprehension and acquisition. It will also help you develop cultural understanding, which is often missed by studying in a classroom. You will have the opportunity to experience the language as you shop, eat, and mingle with locals. Words and sentences that in class may seem abstract will become more clear and full of meaning with the varied repetition that comes from engaging with different native speakers and applying classroom phrases in a real-life context.

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