Summer 2020 Faculty-Led Study in Morocco

December 09, 2019


Join UCSC Professor
Peter Limbrick in a
faculty-led study of
Moroccan Cinema,
Culture and Arabic
 in Rabat,

Arrival: June 20, 2020
End: July 25, 2020


This program offers students an introduction to Moroccan cinema, arts, and culture and enriches that experience with Arabic language. Students take two classes: “Moroccan Cinema and Culture” and “Arabic” for a total of 10 credits. They will live with a Moroccan family in the beautiful capital city of Rabat to better immerse themselves in the culture and, in addition to daily classes in the nearby host institution, they will explore exciting locations around Morocco on field trips with the program. 

In their cinema class and through field trips, students will meet filmmakers and producers, visit production facilities, museums, and art galleries, and learn more about cinema in Morocco. In addition, students will begin (or continue) learning to read and write in Arabic, tying their explorations of film and culture to their language studies in ways that will enrich both subjects. Studying Arabic and film together offers students a unique opportunity to learn one of the most important and beautiful languages in the world and to develop a deeper appreciation of world cinema.

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